Monday, July 20, 2009

Orlando : Ichiban Japanese Restaurant

I've lived in Orlando for over sixteen years now, and Ichiban Japanese Restaurant on Orange Avenue in Downtown Orlando is still a fave of mine. Great Sushi, great food ( love those Bento Boxes) and a cool, funky atmosphere. They even have their own blog:


Esly Carrero said...

mmmm.. sushi.

Keelan, if you could.. keep this up, I'd appreciate it. I tend to forget about all the great restaurants Orlando blooms with. There used to be a place over near the metrowest taco bell, (a sushi place next to that lil'to-go place called, "China") the place was called, "Japan". Though the titles were genaric.. (lol) the food from Japan was Imaculate!!! No joke! and then for no reason at all... it closed down - to my disappointment. I had been going there for years. :(

I'll have to go check this place out when I go back home again. Thanks for this delicious blog! :D

JimmyPereira said...

Do they have the cool teppanyaki chefs that slice and dice the food in front of you? They're always fun to watch!

KeelanParham said...

No teppanyaki chefs here, JP. This is a nice, quiet, almost elegant "hang". With good prices.

KeelanParham said...

I remember "Japan", Esly! LOL. This place is better. Actually, so is Amura, which I'll get to eventually. Just MHO.

For the record, "Japan" was owned by the same people who owned "China" next door. They shared a kitchen.

"China" was some of the best takeout Chinese food I've ever had!