Sunday, July 19, 2009

Orlando: Fresco Italian

For my first review, it HAD to Fresco Italian Restaurant and Market on Turkey Lake Road in Orlando. Tucked into the end of the shopping center, by the Bayhill Kmart, is a hidden treasure of Orlando dining. The Parham clan can be found here at LEAST once a week. Owners Achille and Teresa Scailoia are from "The Old World", and the food here reflects that. Their sons, A.J. (head server/maitre de) and Luigi ( head chef), are also integral parts of this family run business.

My wife and I went to Italy twice several years ago, and stayed with her sister while she lived there. We experienced true Italian food and wines, and this restaurant reminds of those more than any other we've ever been to, anywhere. Achille was a top wine and food importer here locally for many years, and he refuses to skimp on quality.
The interior of Fresco is all Tuscan elegance, and there's plenty of room for large parties. They'll even make custom menus for large groups.

The food is amazing, the wine selection is incredible. And the tiramisu just has to be eaten to be believed ( if you can get it... it sells out fast!). Go visit, and tell em Keelan sent you!


JimmyPereira said...

Sounds really great! It's nice to know there are restaurants out there that put Olive Garden to shame. I kinda feel that the Olive Garden has let there food go down the drain in the past few years. I'll have to check this one out!

KeelanParham said...

Olive Garden's not in the same league, my friend! We actually had our company meeting here a long time ago. Guess you weren't with us then! Maybe we'll do another one here soon....