Monday, July 20, 2009

Orlando: Beefy King

The myth, the legend.... BEEFY KING! Is that a cool sign, or what?
Forget Arby's, and all those other pretenders. There is no comparison to Beefy King's roast beef sandwiches.
An Orlando institution since 1968, this family owned business on Bumby Avenue is tops in my book.
Please.... a great sign, amazing roast beef with tater tots on the side, and an interior that looks like you've stepped back in time to the Brady Bunch era... what's NOT to love?

Long live the King!

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JimmyPereira said...

When I was about three to four years old, I lived REAL close to Beefy King (about a couple blocks away). I remember so vividly the sign of the weird angry bull, but to this day I have never eaten there. I'll have to finally give it a try!