Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Orlando: Backyard Burgers

No, no, no, this hasn't devolved into a "burger blog". But, hey, maybe this is my first "theme week" here on the blog. Not a bad idea...

Anyway, remember how I said before that there were other burgers I liked here in Orlando as well, or almost as well as Five Guys? Well, this is the main one- BackYard Burgers. I'm not sure if these are anywhere except here in Florida. Maybe they are, but it's got to be a fairly small chain as I don't see them when I'm out of state.

For years, the BYB on Orange Blossom Trail (OBT) here locally was mine and my oldest daughter's once a week hangout as we read our comic books from Coliseum of Comics right up the street. BYB's burgers taste a lot like the burgers you remember from your youth that Dad cooked on the backyard grill. Hmmm... wonder if that's where they got the name from? ;D

Great burger with a deep, flamebroiled taste. Good waffle fries, and terrific milkshakes. A fairly close second overall to Five Guys and In-N-Out.


JimmyPereira said...

Does anybody know if Big-Boy is still around?

Brian Vasilik said...

There is a drive thru Backyard Burgers here in Asheville, North Carolina. Great burgers.