Friday, July 24, 2009

Los Angeles, Las Vegas: IN - N - OUT Burgers

Okay, before I give you my local favorite burger, it's time to give you the burger I WISH WAS LOCAL. The legendary, elusive In- N- Out Burger. These gems of true "Burger Americana" are only found out West. I'm not sure exactly of the States, but I know whenever I'm in LA or Vegas I make sure to go at least once to whatever In-N-Out I can find. I drew caricatures ( my day job) at a private party for In-N-Out execs and owners a few years ago here at Disney. I made sure I grilled them ( pun intended ) about why they are only out West. They were all very nice, and told me that it was because over the decades they've built up relationships with their produce and meat suppliers out there. To start up anywhere else, with other partners, they'd possibly have to sacrifice quality... something they're simply not willing to do. I had to respect that answer. A franchise that's run like a Mom and Pop place. It made me want them over here even more.
The burgers are simple, good old fashioned fare. Just like the burgers I remember at drive ins when I was a kid. The fries are hand cut and delicious as well ( not QUITE as good as Five Guys, though...more on that in a future post).
Look at this menu... simplicity at it's best. Love it! Just like stepping back in time.

Also, I personally love this touch.


PatrickT said...

That just looks like a "tasty burger"...think I'm off to Las Vegas just for the burgers and strippers now! forget the gambling!

Tim Gardner said...

OH MAN OH MAN... In-N-Out Burgers were my FAVorite place out in San Diego. It didn't occur to me when I moved to Florida that they wouldn't be here. A Double-Double with fries and a big soda pop, and sitting down on a bench and eating it and watching the sailboats go by...that's what I remember. Ahh...

JimmyPereira said...

Wow! If I'm ever in the area, I'll check it out. Uh... I just hope the "In and Out" Doesn't refer to the effect of the food ;)
-And yes! Getting The Message out on the bottom of the cup is cool too!